Our Mission

The mission of the Local Food Alliance is to create a vibrant local food system in the Wood River Valley.

Meet the Local Food Alliance.

At the Local Food Alliance, our goal is to increase access to food grown and produced in and near the Wood River Valley. We collaborate with farmers, food artisans, businesses, organizations, schools and individuals to create a resilient local/regional food system for the individual, economic and environmental health of our community. Food is a common bond and the key to a thriving world. Once we realize the power of food to heal our children and families, strengthen our economy, and protect our environment, we will be more intentional about what we buy, where we get it, and how it’s produced and prepared. This is at once reassuring and challenging, but the Local Food Alliance is up to the task.

We seek solutions.

In 2013, we started the Local Food Alliance to drive system-level change in our local community and beyond. The systemic problems we face—health, economic and environmental—demand systemic solutions. We are committed to both proactive and responsive solutions that benefit people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

We facilitate & coordinate.

We provide a backbone of coordination, awareness and support among local organizations, enterprises and individuals working toward common or related health, economic and environmental goals. LFA is an alliance of like-missioned efforts. When coordinated, our collective capacity is optimized.

We collaborate & connect.

We engage multiple stakeholders —local farmers, business owners, school administrators, non-profit groups, community food providers, and consumers—to procure and foster more effective solutions for our Valley. Our aim is to “connect the dots” for greater efficiencies and to further existing efforts toward a healthy local food system.

We educate & inform. 

In everything we do, we seek to connect you to our local food system through awareness and education. We want everyone to know who grows, prepares, delivers, serves, eats and rescues our food. This knowledge will help empower children, families and individuals to make food choices that are healthy for themselves, our community and the planet.

We invest and fund.

We raise money for, and invest in, projects with the potential to strengthen our local food system and improve community health. From farm-to-school lunch programs to local food fundraisers (FarmRai$er) to film screenings, our aim is to get more people buying and eating fresh local foods.

Across all of our work, we aspire to be a catalyst for change.

Changing our food system is no easy feat. But it is critical if we want to solve problems such as hunger, obesity and diabetes, animal mistreatment, and climate change. Food has the power to transform our world and is the key to a vibrant future. Together, by voting with our forks, we can turn this key. We hope you will join us in the effort.

“All of us long for good food, and I believe that it’s possible for a groundswell of food lovers to heal the Earth—
as [we] align our taste buds with what the planet and people need.”
– Francis Moore Lappe