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Scenario Planning Workshop

December 3, 2018

10:00 am


5:00 pm

Community Campus, Minnie Moore Room, 1050 Fox Acres Road, Hailey, Idaho 83333

Join us to build a better future for Blaine County!

Blaine County has incredible quality of life, but how prepared are we for the future?

How will we guard against the real risks posed by a changing climate, aquifer depletion and significant fires and flooding, while ensuring economic sustainability, affordability for our residents, and a healthy environment and quality of life?

Blaine County has organized two community workshops to identify major areas of community need and build action plans for specific projects to be implemented to address those needs.

At the initial workshop, we will learn how other similarly situated communities are undertaking strategies to provide near and long term benefits to their local economies and natural environment. We will discover how they are increasing economic opportunity and security to build a lasting quality of place.

During the second workshop, our goals are to develop clear implementation plans together, including who will carry projects forward, where resources will come from and how to create the momentum and responsibility to take advantage of our assets, address important gaps and build a more resilient, prosperous Blaine County.

   Gain community insights on top risks and opportunities through the lens of a changing climate

   Review scenarios of how the future might unfold and affect residents

   Develop strategies for how to respond

   Begin to identify potential project and policy initiatives


   10 AM Registration, Networking, and Lunch Pick Up

   11 AM Workshop Begins with Working Lunch

       Keynote Speaker & Case Studies

       Community Input

       Scenario Planning

       Project Identification

   5 PM Adjourn and Further Networking

Over the last few weeks, the Sun Valley Institute and Warm Springs Consulting  conducted interviews in which Blaine County constituents shared perspectives on the valley's risks and opportunities, through the lens of a changing climate. During the interview process, we heard common themes for how the community can:

   Collaborate and hedge against current and future risks

   Seize opportunities to increase community resilience and lasting quality of life

We are excited to elicit new ideas, explore shared ideas, and learn more from the community what is desired as a pathway forward.

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