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Yule Log Making

December 16, 2019

4:00 pm


6:00 pm

Upper Big Wood River Grange, 609 S. Third Avenue, Hailey, Idaho 83333

Our next event at the Grange is part of the new Practical Arts Program. Monday December 16, from 4 to 6 pm (or a bit later): making traditional decorative and fragrant Yule logs to burn in the fireplace as a ritual to let go of the year and welcoming the new year. The Yule log can also be used as a centerpiece for your table during the hoilidays.

The Yule log tradition has roots within the festivities of the winter solstice. This old European tradition of decorating a log to be lit in the hearth to bring good fortune in the year ahead dates back centuries.

The base of a Yule log is made of one or several pieces of dried fire wood or drift wood, or even a bundle of small branches held together by a string. The log is decorated with a combination of sprigs of green from spruce, pine and/or juniper, red dog wood branches, pine cones, dried flowers, spices and fruits, moss or lichen covered alder or aspen and anything else you can find in your garden, pantry, the neighborhood or on a nature walk, that will add color, texture, scents and interest to the log. Drilling holes in the log allows branches to be held firmly in place. The rest of the decorations can be inserted and interwoven, or held by natural strings, yarn or colorful ribbons, as well as creativity and gratitude! Non toxic craft glue is another alternative.

You can view 3 Yule logs made by Manon on her blog Manon Makes Hay, 2008 and 2019: https://manonmakeshay.blogspot.com

The Yule Log Ceremony was practiced in the Colonies as it had been for the previous centuries in the world. Each member of the family and guests would touch the giant log with a sprig of green which symbolized the past year's woes and then toss it on the fire with the Yule Log. All past troubles would thus be banished, and the house would be protected for the coming year from ghosties and gasties and things that go boomp in the night.

The workshop is open to families. Pre-registration is recommended by replying to this email, as there is a limit of 18 participants. Admission is by a suggested donation of $5 to $20 or goods or services. Birch logs and some green sprigs and pine cones will be provided, and a few tools. Bring your own natural decorative elements for yourself or to share. (We will not allow glue guns, nor toxic glues to our workshop, nor any sprays, chemicals or artificial scents). Bring your pruners, gloves, and manual or cordless drill if you have some. If you cannot make the early time, you can arrive before 6 pm to start your Yule Log and get inspired, then finish it at home.

TO REGISTER: Email upperbigwoodriverid192@grange.org

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