Outreach & Awareness

Stewards of Regeneration Films

Film shorts to build awareness of regenerative agriculture in Blaine County by telling the stories of the farmers and ranchers who steward the land.


Stewards of Regeneration

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Outreach & Awareness

This video series will build awareness of regenerative land use in our food and watershed (central Idaho, USA) by telling the stories of the farmers, ranchers, conservationists, and researchers who work in collaboration with each other, and the land, animals, and water in our region.

Featured farms, ranches, and projects include Ernie's Organic, Lava Lake Lamb, Silver Springs Ranch, Squash Blossom Farm, the Sharp's fire restoration area, and Rinker Rock Creek Ranch, Videos were filmed and edited by Lily Green, an intern for Sun Valley Institute.

This is our teaser for the video series. The remainder of the video series will be released in the winter/spring of 2020. Check back for updates or sign up for our monthly newsletter!


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