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Syringa Farm to School Lunch

LFA was behind the launch of the valley's first farm to school meal program.


Syringa Farm to School Lunch Program

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Children & Schools


In 2014, LFA, in collaboration with Wood River Sustainability Center, helped develop the Wood River Valley’s first Farm to School lunch program at Syringa Mountain School. Now offered five days a week, the lunch program features meals such as grass-fed beef chili and roasted vegetable stew that are up to 80 percent organically produced and locally sourced. SMS students help grow and process ingredients for their school meals and a large, colorful custom map of our Idaho foodshed, provided by LFA, identifies farms and produce used in the lunches.

LFA helped develop the SMS Farm to School lunch program to  inform the development of a district-wide school food service. This will improve the health and well-being of Blaine County students, positively impact our local economy, and reduce our carbon footprint. LFA’s goal: to create a model and catalyst for other Wood River institutions, including senior centers and hospitals, for serving locally sourced meals that support community agriculture and ensure that people receive the fresh nutritious food they need to thrive.


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