Children & Schools

Tower Gardens

In 2018, LFA initiated a pilot program to teach students about food production in the classroom.


Tower Garden Pilot Program

Stakeholders engaged

150-200 students


Children & Schools

In 2018, Local Food Alliance received a $5,000 grant from Elizabeth A. Lynn Foundation to launch a Tower Garden pilot program at Hemingway STEAM School in Ketchum.‍

Installed in early 2019, the aeroponic Tower Gardens allow students to:

  • plant, grow and harvest lettuce, kale and other vegetables right in the classroom;
  • learn about plant life cycles and botany;
  • develop a taste for fresh vegetables.
“The Tower Garden is awesome!  It worked right into out plant unit.  We had a full harvest and made a big salad and shared it with all the 2nd graders.” ~Hemingway 2nd Grade Teacher Jackie Woodruff


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