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Wholesale Producer Partnership

Intiated and coordinated by Local Food Alliance, the Wholesale Producer Partnership increases access to locally and organically grown food through wholesale markets.


Wholesale Producer Partnership

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Community Solutions

The Wholesale Producer Partnership (WPP) is an initiative to formalize, strengthen and expand already existing collaborations of South-Central Idaho farmers to ensure strong balanced supply and demand for locally produced products entering the wholesale food markets in the Wood River Valley region.


  • Certified organic vegetable, fruit, and grain producers in South-Central Idaho
  • Wholesale buyers in the Wood River Valley region including grocery stores, restaurants, and institutional buyers
  • Wood River Valley-based organizations promoting quality of place, including but not limited to: Sun Valley Institute’s food program, Local Food Alliance; Sun Valley Culinary Institute; Visit Sun Valley; Sun Valley Resort; The Chamber
  • Individuals residing and visiting the Wood River Valley region


  • Improved coordination to meet growing collaborations and subsequent distribution efforts; enhancing access to locally produced food in the Wood River Valley region;
  • Assess and support growth of the wholesale supply and demand for locally produced foodstuff. Expand business opportunities throughout the local food supply chain;
  • Co-create a long-term vision for food resilience with a wholesale food system that will serve future generations;
  • Develop a successful model for implementing a collaborative, local food distribution between farmers and buyers, ensuring all associated costs are covered by revenue streams within three years.


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