About Local Food Alliance


The mission of Local Food Alliance is to educate, connect and collaborate with individuals, organizations, and businesses to bring locally and regionally grown food to our community.


We are building a thriving community where people are nourished by fresh locally and regionally grown food every day.


Community-based food systems strengthen rural economies, enhance the health of individuals and communities, and promote fair labor practices, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. Benefits include:

  • Increasing viability of family farmers

  • Preserving farmland for future generations

  • Enhancing quality of food, place, and life

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of your plate

  • Protecting air, water, and biodiversity

See our downloadable "Why Local Food?" PDF here.

At the core of change

Local and regional food is a powerful lever of change for the individual, economic, and environmental health of the Wood River Valley. 

Local Food Alliance plays a crucial and often behind-the-scenes role in driving our local food movement. The coordination and support that we provide to farmers, restaurants, schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals is aimed at creating the change needed to achieve a resilient community food system

Through our initiatives, LFA works to identify, develop and facilitate effective solutions for our community. As we increase demand for locally and regionally grown food, we simultaneously strive to make it more available and accessible for residents of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Changing our food system is no easy feat. But it is critical to combat local and global problems including obesity and diabetes, food insecurity, animal mistreatment, environmental degradation, and climate change.


Locally Grown Guides

Connecting community members to local food


Online Farmers Market Sales

Ensuring COVID safe food access


Seasonal Cooking Kits

Cultivating community, knowledge and joy through food literacy


Women on a Mission

We love working together to create a resilient local and regional food system.

Stacy Whitman

Program Co-director, Co-founder

Stacy Whitman co-founded Local Food Alliance in 2014 out of a desire to improve community food and health.

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Ali Long

Co-founder, Board Member

Ali Long is a mother, conservationist, impact investor, president and trustee of The Springcreek Foundation, and a passionate food system reformist.

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Amy Mattias

Program Co-director

Amy is passionate about regenerative agriculture, knowing where her food comes from, and growing community resilience.

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We are a program of the Sun Valley Institute.

In 2016, we joined forces with with Sun Valley Institute for Resilience (SVIR) in an effort to harness our collective power and expand our reach. SVI builds lasting quality of place by advancing economic, ecological and social resilience, pioneering transformative solutions and catalyzing global and local collaboration. Get to know our team.

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Our Work

We currently have more than 12 initiatives flourishing in our community that support our mission.


"Thank you, Local Food Alliance, for bringing together the many organizations and individuals in our valley who support the local food system. LFA provides a needed service to our community.”


"Local Food Alliance...is on and pushing the leading edge of dynamic social and economic changes that are increasingly important in an ever-widening circle of acceptance.”

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Give Money

Your contribution will support our projects (farm-to-school food, edible gardening, food financing) and our community education and outreach (Local Food Event Calendar, film screenings, newspaper columns, local impact investing workshop). Contact Annie to learn more.

Give Time

We need volunteers to help us put on our local events, distribute food, or work with schools. Contact Amy if you'd like to be added to our volunteer list.

Give In-Kind

From cooking and canning to graphic design and photography, your skills can help further the effort to create a healthy local food system in the Wood River Valley. Contact us if you have a particular skill that you would like to contribute.

Have a question? Feedback? Want to get involved?

We'd love to hear from you! Use our contact form on the left or, if you prefer, send an email or even a letter. 

There are many ways to support our work and make a difference, from making a financial gift to volunteering for one of our initiatives.


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