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Harvest and Hearth | Farm and Heritage Workshops

February 15, 2019

8:30 am


4:30 pm

The College of Idaho, 2112 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell, Idaho 83605

Harvest and Hearth features workshops and panels for farmers to start or expand their agricultural enterprises. Select courses from four tracks: farmstead management, crop and field production, livestock management, and how to expand your farm business through diversification.

Whether you're a home gardener, new or experienced farmer, homesteader, or just curious- there's something here for you.

Special Guest Speakers: Paul Muller, Dru Rivers and Hannah Muller from Full Belly Farm

Full Belly is a 400 acre certified organic farm in northern California growing fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and flowers year-round, along with fiber and value-added products. They manage a CSA, as well as sell direct and wholesale.

Cilck here to see the full schedule and course descriptions.


•Using Idaho’s Small Herd Exemption for Dairy Production

•Chickens, Cows or Goats? Choosing the Right Livestock for Your Operation

•How to Graze Your Herd Effectively

•Healthy Pastures to Prevent Livestock Illness

Crop and Field Production

•Orchard Management: Pests and Pruning

•Flower Production for Market Bouquets and Dried Wreaths

•How to Integrate Cover Crops into Vegetable Production

•Successful Seed Starting

Farmstead Management

•Creating Pollinator Habitat

•Composting to Reduce Waste and Improve Soil

•What are Your Weeds Saying?


Entrepreneurial Diversification

•Marketing, Community Supported Agriculture, and Predicting Market Trends

•Making the Most of Your Yields: Expanding into Value-Added and Cottage Foods

•Creating Beauty Products from the Farm

•Agritourism Trends and Considerations

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