Buttered Radish Toast

Amy Mattias
One of the first vegetables many of us can grow ourselves are spring radishes. Radishes take a few weeks to grow, even in cool temperatures, and taste delicious prepared in numerous ways. A classic dish featuring crusty sourdough bread, fresh spring butter, sliced French breakfast radishes, and salt, has been enjoyed for centuries. Add a pop of color and an assortment of nutrients with edible flowers and micro-greens on top.



Slice bread into ½” thick slices, one per person. Toast bread until preferred doneness but let cool, as the butter shouldn’t melt.

Wash and remove tops from radishes. Want to reduce your food waste footprint? Try eating your radish greens. They are delicious and can be enjoyed like spinach. French Breakfast radishes are the classic variety used, but any fresh spring radish works well. You’ll need approx. 2 radishes per slice, but size varies.

Spread an even and plentiful layer of butter on toast. Sprinkle with salt and add radish slices.

Top with edible flowers, micro-greens and/or fresh herbs. Enjoy!

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